About US

About US:

Nita Logistics & International Freight Forwarding Co. is proud to provide comprehensive services and specialized solutions in the country's transportation industry. We are committed to working with the experienced and professional team in Nita Logistics to deliver your goods to their destination with the least time and cost and in complete security, thus protecting the business capital of the customers. We are aware of the importance of fast and safe transportation in commercial transactions and we are taking steps towards its realization.

Nita Logistics Company, as one of the dynamic and leading companies in the field of international transportation, forwarding, goods clearance, transit, and logistics, has active branches in all ports and airport cities of the country. The main approach of this collection is to provide high-quality services based on the latest standards in the world using the best methods in this field most economically and reliably possible.

The services that can be provided by our team are as follows:

  • Clearance of goods from all customs of the country, insurance, packaging, Door to Door
  • Reduction of transportation time and price flexibility (combination of sea/air/land transportation)
  • Providing consulting services regarding the import and export of goods


The Benefits of Collaborating with Nita Logistics

Nita Logistics & International Freight Forwarding Co. is fully aware of the do’s and don'ts of Iran customs rules, which change by the day. Hence, in case of a minor change in the body of the rules, we do not get surprised and we can alter our processes fast. We do our best to keep the customers of this organization away from unexpected problems.

Nita Logistics support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, the customers of this organization are informed about the latest status of their shipment even on holidays and relevant information is provided to them.


Our vision

Nita Logistics & International Freight Forwarding Co. believes that relying on the experience of three decades of activity in the field of international transport, the experience of skilled personnel, and the most up-to-date methods of air, sea, and rail transport, the company converts to the most customer-oriented Co. in the transport industry in the regional/World. Company where customers can discover, find, touch, and use their international transportation services.

Our mission

We do our best to improve international transportation at the regional level and make it accessible to customers with the best possible price and the best choice in the transportation method.


Why Us

The basic values of Nita Logistics

  • Reliable, Efficient, On-time
  • Providing optimum service to our customers to serve Iran
  • Responsibility, Trustworthy, Reliable
  • Create a healthy business environment and individual development and teamwork
  • Interaction and collaboration with employees to improve their lives